• Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and (10:00-1:30)
  • Four weeks per session, 3 session minimum (90 days)
  • Individual sessions addressing chemical dependency issues.
  • Individual sessions with a licensed therapist.
  • Groups co-facilitated by clinically trained group facilitators and licensed therapists who bring a variety of styles and backgrounds to the work of looking at addiction.
  • Acupuncture and Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Neuropsychological Assessments and Individualized Case Management
  • Addiction and Psycho-Educational Groups:

Discussions, presentations and exploration of the disease of addiction and important issues relating to recovery.

  • Family Programming:

We have a Multi-Family group once a month. Additionally, family members and significant others are offered the opportunity to participate in a client/family sessions with the therapist treating the client.

  • Mindfulness Groups:

The link between stress and addiction is well-known. Stress increases the likelihood of alcohol and drug use, and can precipitate relapses following treatment. The goal of this group is to assist our clients in replacing substance use with healthy coping skills when confronted with the inevitable stressors that threaten sobriety.

  • Reaching For Recovery:

While everyone faces stress, it is important for those in recovery to find new ways to cope with it, as the risk of relapse is very high. We have put together an engaging group to provide many tools to manage daily and underlying stressors. This group offers the opportunity to manage life in a more successful manner.

  • Creative Expressions Groups:

An experiential group providing each client with the opportunity to explore their sense of self through artistic expression, movement and group insight.

  • It’s Where I Come From Groups:

This group provides the clients with the opportunity to explore family of origin and the types of beliefs and behaviors which become part of the ongoing story.

  • Living Sober Groups:

This group is run as a gender specific group which explores recovery and how it relates to your way of living within the Twelve Principles. We teach the importance of applying recovery, personal values within the concept of these Principles and joy for life. This is an opportunity to learn the principles behind the steps as they are played out through lifestyle, work, money, sex and intimacy. Our goal is to assist you in attaining personal goals in living a life that offers balance, focus and harmony.

  • Acupuncture:

Provided bi-weekly by an accomplished licensed Acupuncturist who specializes in helping the mind and body achieve a sense of calm and healing during recovery.

  • Living Sober Group:

Clients use this time to explore the steps in depth in a group format, where there is opportunity for discussion, debate and exploration. Discussions, presentations and exploration of the disease of addiction and important issues relating to recovery.

  • Gender Specific Groups:

This group provides clients with a gender specific environment to address sensitive or specific issues which arise during early recovery. These are safe and intimate groups where space has been made to look at deeper issues which effect their relationships, self-image and sexuality.

  • Reaching For Recovery Groups:

This group addresses the underlying issues which manifest while continuing the journey towards recovery and sobriety. This is an in-depth, process group which allows the clients to look at the past motivations for using substances and the new tools they can adopt to manage their pain.

  • Digging In Groups:

This group allows clients to delve even deeper into exploring the real pain that lies at the center of their addiction.

  • Healing Core Pain Groups:

This group provides a safe environment to address and understand trauma. It is run by a trauma specialist who helps create the safety needed to untangle the past pain which infiltrates many aspects of their lives.

  • Surviving Sobriety Groups:

This group is run as a gender specific group which allows clients to share the emotional experience they have dealing with life on life’s terms.

  • Anything Goes Groups:

This group is a process group allowing clients to review the week’s work and the way in which they will integrate their knowledge and their behavior to effect change.

  • Jumping Into Recovery Groups:

This group has been designed to provide a container for the client to begin to construct their own recovery and to utilize principles of recovery to craft their lives.

  • Principles Of Expression Groups:

This group invites the clients to connect with and explore their conscious and unconscious emotions in an activity based group.