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Loree Cohen L.C.S.W. | Angela Rukule M.S. Ed, M.F.T. | Tracy Klass C.D.S., C.A.T.C. III

“We help individuals establish lasting lifestyles free from the destruction of addictive behavior.

Many put the behavior behind them, rebuild stronger than before, and start the process of repairing family,

professional and personal relationships.”

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Let us help you take the first step to change.


Our Intensive Outpatient Program

inneractions is an intensive outpatient program for alcoholics, addicts and their families who are eager to gain the insight, therapy and education to make immediate and lasting change. Through a unique combination of one-on-one therapy, addiction counseling, and group interaction, addicts and alcoholics are given specific tools to break destructive cycles and the information needed to understand and manage the physiological, emotional and other conditions that lead to dependency and compulsive behavior.

What We Do

Provide patients with individualized programs designed to fit their unique therapeutic needs. Intensive programs, set in a discreet and professional setting, consist of impactful group sessions supplemented with individualized and one-on-one therapy and counseling.

  • Structured and anonymous group therapy
  • Chemical dependency / brain chemistry
  • Family groups
  • Individualized psychotherapy
  • One-on-one chemical dependency counseling
  • Random UA testing

Psychiatric consultations, medication management, psychological testing, EMDR or other needed therapies provided on-site, by referral, or in conjunction with patient’s normal health care providers.

Who We Serve

  • Individuals seeking treatment for the first time
  • Those seeking post in-patient or continued support
  • Families who often have a need to better understand the chaos, destruction and seemingly unexplainable behavior

Who We Are

Highly trained mental health professionals and counselors who collectively have more than thirty years of intense experience working with the unique needs and challenges of alcoholics and addicts. We offer education, insight, compassion and everyday tools that the addicts and those around them need to move forward.