Absolutely amazing program, as well as superb staff. Lori, Tracy and Angela are all equally excellent in what they do at inneractions. If it weren’t for this place and the staff, I couldn’t say I’m over a YEAR clean. The staff genuinely cares about each and every client who walks in the door. I still talk to them to this day! Definitely the place to send a loved one or friend who’s struggling with anything from depression to drug addiction and anything in between.
R.L. 3/24/153/24/15
This is a truly unique group of people that are passionately dedicated to helping people find solutions to the most difficult challenges in life. Their approach is both compassionate and practical. To say that these ladies are insightful, knowledgeable, professional(in the most human way possible), inspiring, engaged, caring, nurturing, honest, open minded, dedicated, and truly invested in every single person that walks through their doors, would fall short of what the collective efforts of every single person at inneractions comprises. My experience with inneractions was nothing short of life changing. I could never say enough about every single person that is involved with this amazing program. I love you all so very much!
Ali 2/4/15

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This group of women is absolutely incredible! The love they have for each person that walks through their door can be felt immediately. I’m so grateful for their guidance and support that has gotten me through some difficult times. This is truly a place of healing and new beginnings!
I am writing to tell you that after 1 year of sobriety, I am reminded that in large part my sobriety has been due to the hard work I did at inneractions. After struggling for 5 years through many programs, I finally like myself and believe I deserve a better life. Thank you.
Jackie 1/30/15
Well, I have arrived at the place I never dreamed. I’m morbidly obese. I have many pounds to lose and I look disgusted in the mirror wondering how this happened. I was an athlete. I was cute, sexy and beautiful. And now? Horrible. Just horrible. So I lay in bed struggling with self-loathing and desperation. How did this happen? Well, I have always had body image issues but today I realize that I have been depressed for years. I have been in a relationship, which has challenged my ability to believe in myself. I cannot blame my husband because I have allowed it. I don’t want to fight anymore because that is how I grew up. I have always used food to manage my emotional pain. I have spent time trying to use drugs to self medicate. Food and drugs became the great equalizers. I have done everything for the man in my life in an effort to be loved. Imagine the shock when I continue to find that I have not made things better, but I have failed once again. Failed! Ugh. Where do you go with that? I eat and I drink hoping to numb the pain and feel whole. The irony is that it not only doesn’t work, it fractures my spirit more. And I sit in bed thinking about where to start now. I guess from a place of surrender. Now what? The desperation of pain is eating at my soul like an acid. I am paralyzed with sadness and rage. I am ready for help. Thank you for listening.