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Addiction in Woodland Hills

The Woodland Hills neighborhood borders the Santa Monica Mountains and the San Fernando Valley regions in Los Angeles County. Located in the southwestern area of the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills is home to approximately 80,000 people. Woodland Hills enjoys a location between the mountains and the beaches of Malibu along Ventura Boulevard. Like many suburbs of Los Angeles, Woodland Hills is a small community encompassing just under 17 square miles.

The cost of living in California is high throughout the state, and the Woodland Hills area is no exception. The median household income for Woodland Hills is just under $100,000. However, the average cost of a home in the area is around one million dollars or more. U.S Census data for 2016 indicates the unemployment rate in Woodland Hills is approximately 4%, although this may have increased due to the recent changes in the employment climate nationwide.

Woodland Hills is part of Los Angeles County and is located on Ventura Boulevard (U.S Route 101). It only takes 40 minutes to drive from LA to Woodland Hills. The area is considered “upscale” if you are searching for housing, employment, or an upscale living environment. It has been voted one of California’s best places to live due to above-average schools, local nightlife, and family environment. Unfortunately, Woodland Hills and surrounding communities share many of the same struggles with drugs and alcohol found 36 miles away in Los Angeles.

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Statistics of Addiction in Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills does not release independent addiction data. Like many suburban areas in Los Angeles County, statistics related to drug use, drug trafficking, and drug overdose deaths are incorporated into the larger LA County Statistical reports. As the largest county in California with over 10 million residents, Los Angeles County leads the state in drug overdose deaths. In 2017, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office reported), as many as 422,000 adults over the age of 18 reported misusing prescription drugs. Most cases were adult Latinx males between ages 25 and 29. San Fernando Valley, the part of LA County where Woodland Hills is located, had the lowest rate of prescription drug misuse at 3.9%.

Between 2017 and 2018, the rate of overdose deaths in Los Angeles linked to opioids, in general, continues to rise. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office data indicates there were approximately 500 opioid-related deaths annually between 2016 and 2017. This by the end of 2020 with a total of 1506 for the year. Like many other states and counties across the nation, Los Angeles County struggles with high overdose rates due to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. In 2020, fentanyl-related deaths in the county increased by 979% from 2016 and 143% over 2019 rates.

In the last decade, methamphetamines have become the most commonly seen drug in overdose cases in LA county. According to the coroner’s office, methamphetamine was detected in over 5000 overdose cases between 2013 and 2018. In many cases, the LA County Coroner found meth along with other drugs. Known as polydrug abuse, multiple drugs were used, and the combined effects could have led to death. In polydrug cases, it is hard to determine which drug was responsible for overdose. However, methamphetamine overdose was listed as the primary cause of death in 45% of all drug overdoses cases in 2019.

Opioids are not the only substance leading to premature death and other problems in Woodland Hills. Tobacco, illicit drug use, marijuana, and alcohol are also commonly abused in Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles Department of Health reported that more than 20% of all adults ages 18-25 met the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder in 2016. An additional 15% had an alcohol use disorder. The illegal use and sale of prescription opioids continue to be a challenge for Los Angeles County.

In 2020, a two-year investigation into fraudulent medical clinics led to the arrest of 10 individuals, two of whom are Woodland Hills Residents. The investigation into ChiroMed indicates that medical professionals met with fraudulent patients and provided unnecessary prescriptions for drugs, including oxycodone. One individual on the indictment prescribed nearly 440,000 oxycodone pills in a two-year period.

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What to Look For in a
Woodland Hills, CA Alcohol Rehab

When left untreated, ongoing drug and alcohol use often leads to harmful and, in some cases, irreversible impacts on your physical and psychological health. Although acknowledging a struggle with addiction and choosing to seek help at a rehab center in Woodland Hills, CA, is a difficult decision, it is an essential first step on your road to recovery. Contacting a professional addiction rehab where you can receive support and guidance as you work to overcome your addiction dramatically increases your success at attaining and maintaining sobriety. 

At an alcohol rehab in Woodland Hills, CA, your treatment team can help you safely heal from addiction. Although many believe it may be easier just to stop using, there are instances where suddenly going clean can be harmful. Some drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol can be dangerous to quit without support or “cold turkey.” With these substances, suddenly stopping use can lead to sudden, sometimes overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. Although each person experiences withdrawal differently, some withdrawal symptoms can be severe, leading to emergency medical complications.

It is essential to find a treatment center like Inneractions in Woodland Hills, where the treatment models used and your treatment program are designed around your specific treatment needs and goals. There are several addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles County; however, not all provide the same treatment models or offer the same level of care. For treatment to be successful, it is essential to choose a program focusing on your specific physical and emotional needs. Cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all treatment programs that merely address the substance while not considering all other aspects of the person are often unsuccessful.

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Choosing a drug rehab where you feel safe, supported, and comfortable throughout your treatment program is a vital step towards sobriety and long-term recovery. We offer comprehensive, evidence-based treatment on a flexible schedule at our rehab center near Woodland Hills, CA. Using treatment models such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), our programs are designed to help you learn about and overcome addiction. As part of your therapy program, your treatment team will provide you with new, safer ways to cope with day-to-day stressors and relapse triggers.

At our drug rehab in Woodland Hills, CA, we offer regularly scheduled individual, group, and family counseling throughout the week. In addition to these sessions, our team of drug counselors is available online to provide immediate help as needed. When you choose our Inneractions, you can start working on your recovery without having to leave behind your family, work, or day-to-day commitments.

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If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, seeking help at a rehab center in Woodland Hills is the best way to get sober. Our team of addiction treatment professionals has over 30 years of experience assisting people to overcome the hold of drugs and alcohol. At Inneractions, our goal is to ensure everyone seeking help with addiction has access to immediate treatment. The help you need to overcome addiction is just a phone call away. Contact our admissions team to learn more about our programs.