“You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living
until the escape becomes the habit.” –David Ryan

We realize that addiction is a painful process which feels as though it is never ending. At inneractions, we can help you step out of this vicious cycle and reach for a clean, healthy life. Join us in the exploration of the issues and problems that keep you reaching for substances which keep you from living your full life.

Unfortunately, everybody goes through Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAWS), which are the physiological and psychological effects of drugs/alcohol abuse. These symptoms can last from 6 days to 18 months after the beginning of abstinence. Common symptoms that pose a challenge to those in early recovery are:

  • An inability to think clearly
  • An inability to successfully manage stress
  • Memory Problems
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Impaired physical coordination
  • Emotional sensitivity or numbness

WE CAN HELP. At inneractions, clients receive education regarding how PAWS can effect one’s transition into sobriety. We will teach you how to manage the process of early recovery successfully and safely.

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