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Overview of Fear

Are you wondering where fear comes from and why it becomes so incapacitating? Fear is felt by most people in varying degrees. When it becomes paralyzing and substances become the method of emotional management, it is time to reach for help. The problem with fear is that your brain does not know the difference between imagined and real fear. If someone is threatening to harm you, your body responds by bringing forward the fight or flight process. Likewise, if you think that something horrible may happen, your body still responds the same way. Fear is often met with a need to isolate, to use substances for an escape from the feelings, or to hide in the “safety” of your own home. 

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the the day saying ‘ I will try again tomorrow” – Mary Anne Radmacher

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Fear Management Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Many people do not share that they are frightened because they judge themselves for being “weak”. You do not need to stay frozen in fear.

 At inneractions, we have the skilled therapists and facilitators to assist you in navigating through the emotions which cause the greatest discomfort. We will provide you with the necessary tools so you may learn to cope with your fears more successfully and attain a more fulfilling life.


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