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Sober living facility, who is it for and what is it ?

Sober Living Facility: What It Is & Who Should Go?

Recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction is a lifelong process that takes constant attention, consideration and effort to maintain. The toughest work, of course, takes place in those early days,
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Southern California

Outpatient Drug Rehab Southern California Explained

When you picture rehab, what comes to mind? Is it the one-on-one sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist most? Group therapy? That’s a good start, those are the critically important
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Family drug healing rehabilitation treatment

Let the Healing Begin With Family Drug Rehabilitation

Substance abuse doesn’t happen in a vacuum and addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. The reality is that drug addiction and alcohol abuse are messy and as much as the
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Mindfulness and Addiction

Mindfulness and Addiction: Can One Help the Other?

Addiction is a struggle. It’s exhausting. Isolating. Maddening. Aggravating. Painful. Lonely. Stressful. It’s so many more adjectives that all serve to envelop you, swallowing you up entirely. Getting out of
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