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Our History

Inneractions was founded in 2013 by Loree Cohen, LCSW and Angela Rukule, MS, ED, MFT.

Inneractions is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for addicts and their families located in Woodland Hills, CA, in a discreet and professional setting. We’re a California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and Joint Commission (JCAHO) certified facility.

Our team is comprised of highly trained mental health professionals and counselors who share more than thirty years of intense experience working with the unique needs and challenges of alcoholics and addicts. Through the Inneractions Program we offer education, insight, compassion, and everyday tools that people suffering from substance abuse, process disorders and mental health issues need to establish healthy, lasting lifestyles free from the destruction of addictive behavior.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that drugs and alcohol are simply a means of coping with emotional and cognitive issues that exist from childhood or the events and/or trauma that have occurred during a person’s lifetime. By helping clients identify and address the underlying issues that are at the root of their addiction we can begin to break the destructive cycle of abuse.

To acquire and sustain recovery, an active change in beliefs, behavior, and emotions is needed. Evidence-based theories provide the foundation for the tools and techniques we utilize to help clients gain control of their emotions. It’s our experience that positive, sustained change can happen when the addict begins to shift their perspective on life, relationships, and behavior.

We believe in hope and the healing power of unconditional love. We believe in the triumph of the human spirit and that powerful, lasting change can happen even in the most difficult cases. It’s our mission to help our clients rebuild stronger than before so they can begin the process of repairing family, professional, and personal relationships.

The group facilitators are knowledgeable and considerate. I’m a difficult person to work with and they still tried. Jess is a great 1-on-1 therapist that works through Inneractions. My favorite facilitators were Shane, Rick, and Bethany. The other group facilitators were great too. Just like anything, one will get out of IOP what they put into it.
Gibson W.
This place is simply amazing!!! Inneractions' therapists and counselors genuinely cared about my recovery and well-being. Jess, Rick, and Loree are especially wonderful. Thank you!!!
Tasha W.
An excellent program that provided a strong clinical experience as well of an understanding of addiction and underlying mental health disorders to help me grow in ALL areas of my life. Through weekly program I was able to increase my knowledge and understand the underlying issues that cause me to think, feel and behave in my day to day life.
Samuel E.

Meet The Team

Introducing the expert & highly trained staff at Inneractions IOP.


Joseph Mistrulli

Program Director
Shane Coyle - C.A.T.C.I., C.D.S. Co-Facilitator

Shane Coyle, C.A.T.C.I., C.D.S.

Tanya Nord Inneractions

Tanya Nord, M.A., M.F.T.I., C.H.T


Sarah Jean Vick

Group Facilitator
kathy logan

Kathy Logan

Group Facilitator
AM Health Care Headshots 3/2023

Nicole De La Torre

Case Manager
Loree Cohen Inneractions

Loree Cohen, M.S., L.C.S.W.

Founding Member, Clinical Director
rick macrorey inneractions

Rick Macrory, C.A.D.A.C.-C.A.S.

DaMarcus L Morton Inneractions

DaMarcus L. Morton, N.C.R.C.-1


Nerrissa Hsu

Breathwork Specialist
rachel kove inneractions

Rachel Cove

Life Coach
AM Health Care Headshots 3/2023

Michael Flesher

Group Facilitator & Individual Counselor
amy dalgleish

Amy Dalgleish

Group Facilitator
dr. sir

Dr. Siri Khalsa

Medical Director
Headshot- Eric Chaghouri

Eric Chaghouri

Bethany Dwyer, RDAT, Inneractions

Bethany Dwyer, R.D.A.T.

Group Facilitator
shelley stevens inneractions

Shelley Stevens, C.A.D.A.C. II

natasha hall inneractions

Natasha Hall


Michael Pitts

AM Health Care Headshots 3/2023

David Manila

Case Manager