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Burbank Drug Rehab,drug rehab in burbank,addiction in burbank

Our Drug Rehab in Burbank, CA

Perhaps most famous for being home to Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California, sits at the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley. Located approximately 12 miles outside of downtown Los Angeles, several popular media and production companies call Burbank home. Burbank is separated into two distinct areas: the downtown/foothill section and the flatland section. Combined, both areas make up the 17 or so square miles of Burbank.  

The population of Burbank in 2019 was approximately 102,500 people. Each day, well over 150,000 people commute from surrounding areas to work in the Burbank area-more than the city’s resident population. Much of the city’s economy centers on the entertainment industry. While Hollywood is the symbol for entertainment and film, most of the actual production for Hollywood’s major releases occurs in Burbank. The median income in 2019 was just under $76,000; however, the poverty rate in the city was 10.5%, with unemployment remaining above the national average according to U.S Census Data. 

Although much of the crime in Burbank is non-violent (traffic offenses), the courts are busy. As part of Los Angeles County, Burbank residents struggle with many of the same problems Los Angeles and other major cities in the area contend with. Alcohol and drug abuse impact a significant toll and help to further the effects of the opioid epidemic locally and nationwide.

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Burbank Drug Rehab,drug rehab in burbank,addiction in burbank

Addiction in Burbank

Burbank, California, is part of Los Angeles County. Located a short drive from the heart of Los Angeles, Burbank shares many of the same struggles with opioids, alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana as found within the LA city limits. In 2017 (the last year for which Los Angeles County data is available), as many as 422,000 adults over the age of 18 reported misusing prescription drugs. Most cases were adult Latinx males between ages 25 and 29. San Fernando Valley (where Burbank is located) had the lowest rate of prescription drug misuse at 3.9%. 

Between 2017 and 2018, the rate of overdose deaths in Los Angeles linked to opioids, in general, continues to rise. Data provided by the LA County Coroner’s office indicates there were about 500 opioid-related deaths annually between 2016 and 2017. This number would nearly triple by the end of 2020, with a total of 1506 for the year. Like many other states and counties across the nation, LA County struggles with high overdose rates due to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. In 2020, fentanyl-related deaths in the county increased by 979% from 2016 and 143% over 2019 rates. 

In the last decade, methamphetamines have become the most commonly seen drug in overdose cases in LA county.  According to the coroner’s office, methamphetamine was detected in over 5000 overdose cases between 2013 and 2018. In many cases, the LA County Coroner found meth along with other drugs. However, methamphetamine overdose was listed as the primary cause of death in 45% of all drug overdoses cases in 2019.

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Burbank Drug Rehab,drug rehab in burbank,addiction in burbank

What to Look For in a Burbank Drug Rehab

If you struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and are ready to take the first step towards sobriety, reach out to Inneractions for help. Choosing to seek treatment is not easy. There are often many fears, worries, and concerns that stand in the way of your ability to get sober and recover from the effects of addiction. Addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, is a complex disease. Ongoing use of drugs or alcohol eventually leads to structural and functional changes in the brain, making a recovery without the help of a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Burbank challenging. 

We understand there are many factors that contribute to the root causes of addiction. Addiction is not a choice or a moral failing. It is not something one can wake up and decide they no longer want to struggle with. Achieving sobriety takes work, and your chances for success are vastly greater when you have an addiction treatment plan designed around and focused on your unique treatment needs and goals. Although two people may struggle with an addiction to the same substance, the ways they use, how often they use, and what they experience during detox and recovery will inevitably be different. 

When seeking treatment, you must look for a program that considers your physical and psychological needs. Your treatment plan here at Inneractions in Burbank, CA, will provide a wide range of support and guidance, beginning with detox and continuing with comprehensive therapy, aftercare, and relapse prevention planning. To successfully achieve sobriety, it is crucial to find a program where you feel comfortable, safe, and supported as you work towards a healthy, addiction-free future. 

Burbank Drug Rehab,drug rehab in burbank,addiction in burbank

Why Choose Our Drug Rehab in Burbank

Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Burbank is designed to help you (and your loved ones) achieve and maintain lasting change. At our intensive outpatient program, our providers use a combined approach consisting of individual (one-to-one) therapy, group therapy, family therapy, drug counseling and education, and other support services to help you quickly get on the road to recovery. 

We understand each person struggling with addiction is unique. Therefore, we design our treatment programs to adjust to every patient’s individual needs. We provide support, care, and comprehensive long-term planning that is essential to sobriety and lifelong addiction recovery. The goal of our therapeutic program is to help you learn more about the roots of your addiction. Our therapy models are designed to help you understand, address, and change the harmful behaviors that further your addiction. With understanding comes the ability to learn and practice healthy, safer coping strategies to use when faced with a triggering event or situation in the future. 

At our Burbank drug rehab, we offer comprehensive, evidence-based therapy on a flexible schedule. Our approach ensures everyone has the ability to benefit from potentially life-saving addiction treatment. In addition to the regularly scheduled group, individual and family sessions throughout the week, our caring and compassionate team of drug counselors are available on-demand to provide immediate help as needed. At our drug rehab in Burbank, you can work towards sobriety while still meeting your existing day-to-day obligations such as work, education, and family responsibilities. 

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Burbank Drug Rehab,drug rehab in burbank,addiction in burbank

Get Help at Our Drug Rehab in Burbank, CA

The most important decision you can make towards healing is to choose addiction treatment at Inneractions in Burbank, CA. Reach out to our admissions team today to learn more about how our intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs can help you overcome addiction. Our treatment team has over 30 years of combined experience treating addiction, and we are here to answer your questions. Our goal is to make seeking and starting treatment as stress-free as possible. 

The road to recovery is not easy. There will be setbacks, challenges, and moments of difficulty as you navigate learning about your addiction and practice managing triggers in a healthier and substance-free way. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all addiction treatment program. Your treatment team will work with you from the very beginning and each day of your program to ensure your individually designed program continues to fit your recovery needs. If you or a loved one are ready to overcome addiction, contact the admissions department at Inneractions in Burbank, California, today. 

Burbank Drug Rehab,drug rehab in burbank,addiction in burbank

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