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Alcohol Rehab in
Los Angeles County

Alcohol Rehab,Alcohol Addiction,LA County Rehab Center,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles County,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab in
Los Angeles County

Alcohol addiction can slowly tear apart a person’s life, damaging personal and professional relationships over time. Social normalization of alcoholic behavior can make it difficult for all parties to understand where ‘the line’ is. Because alcohol use is so widely accepted, the level of dysfunction is sometimes severe before the problem is identified. By then, the isolation and obsessive compulsive tendencies association with alcoholism are often unmanageable.

Alcoholics often hide in plain sight, unwilling to admit that their problem is just as destructive and hard drug use. Labels like ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’ feel inaccurate and offensive and the tendency is to resist the idea of treatment until life simply becomes totally unmanageable and there’s no choice left.

"You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit.” –David Ryan

The addiction experience feels very personal and misunderstood for many alcohol users. However at inneractions, an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles County, our addiction counselors and therapists are incredibly skilled at earning the trust needed to gain insight into a person’s specific struggle. Our clients quickly learn that they are with professionals who can advocate for them, who offer unconditional love and support, and most importantly who can show them a clear path to a clean, healthy life.

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Alcohol Rehab,Alcohol Addiction,LA County Rehab Center,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles County,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

Breaking the Cycle of
Alcohol Abuse in California

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Alcohol Rehab,Alcohol Addiction,LA County Rehab Center,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles County,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

Preparing for PAWS

All of us in the Inneractions family recognize how difficult it is to go through Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), which are the physiological and psychological effects of drugs/alcohol abuse. The symptoms can last from 6 days to 18 months after the beginning of abstinence. Common symptoms that we help our clients manage during early recovery are:

The skilled staff at our Los Angeles alcohol rehab center provide the necessary care and guidance to help individuals through the process of early recovery successfully and safely. Throughout Inneractions’s alcohol rehab program in LA County, clients are held accountable with weekly random testing.
Alcohol Rehab,Alcohol Addiction,LA County Rehab Center,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles County,Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles


When walking into Inneractions, you are immediately greeted with one of the most influential and dynamic clinical directors in the field, Loree Cohen. She has a vast amount of knowledge and skills working with complex and dynamic issues. Her goal is to help provide people with the tools to create self-sufficiency and healing from the inside out. She exudes love, warmth, and compassion with an innate ability to connect. Substance abuse, recovery, mental health, and trauma can be difficult to walk through. You are not alone when walking through these challenges at Inneractions. They are organized, efficient, and successful at providing individualized care and making each client feel like they are a priority. The staff are exceptionally devoted and trained to facilitate sustainable change in someone’s life. The therapists are absolutely wonderful and extremely passionate about what they do. I highly recommend Inneractions for anyone seeking help in their lives.
Rachel Kove
Inneractions is hands down the best iop in the valley. The staff is handpicked, skilled and dynamic. The clients experience dynamic group therapies as well as weekly or bi weekly individual therapy targeting issues such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem and anger management.
Loree Cohen
This place is simply amazing!!! Inneractions' therapists and counselors genuinely cared about my recovery and well-being. Jess, Rick, and Loree are especially wonderful. Thank you!!!
Tasha Wilson
The group facilitators are knowledgeable and considerate. I’m a difficult person to work with and they still tried. Jess is a great 1-on-1 therapist that works through Inneractions. My favorite facilitators were Shane, Rick, and Bethany. The other group facilitators were great too. Just like anything, one will get out of IOP what they put into it.
Gibson White
Inneractions saved my life, no joke. I love you all so much, thank you for helping me find a way in life again...
George Montoya

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Rebuilding Lives at Our LA County Rehab Center

At our alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles CA, we believe that in order to achieve sustained recovery it’s absolutely necessary to address the underlying issues that lead to addiction. Our therapy-based approach to alcohol addiction treatment is designed to empower our clients with the insight and tools they need for long-term success. In many cases our clients come out of the our San Fernando Valley rehab stronger than they’ve ever been before in their lives.

If you or someone you love is struggling and ready to reach out, we are here to help. Call (866) 604-5450 for immediate assistance 24/7, schedule a tour of our facility and meet our staff, or learn more about our Encino drug and alcohol rehab here.