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Addiction Rehab in Glendale,Alcohol Rehab in Glendale

Addiction in Glendale

Glendale, CA, is part of Los Angeles County. Situated approximately 10 miles north of downtown LA, Glendale is part of the Verdugo Region of the county. The city accounts for about 205,000 LA counties and more than 10 million residents. Many large corporations, including Citi and Cigna, have an office in the downtown area, and the headquarter offices of DreamWorks Animation are just outside of downtown. The airport in Glendale was the first official aviation terminal for the Los Angeles region and is famous for being the departure point for the first commercial (east to west) commercial flight piloted by Charles Lindbergh.

Adults between the ages of 18 and 65 account for the largest portion of Glendale’s population. The median income for Glendale residents was just over $66,000, and the unemployment rate is approximately 10%. In a 2018 report from the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, as many as 13.5% of Glendale live below the poverty line.

Like many cities throughout California and within Los Angeles County, Glendale struggles with drug-related challenges. Deaths from a drug overdose, specifically prescription pain medications, heroin, and fentanyl, account for a staggering majority of death tolls at the local and statewide levels. Within Glendale, opioids are not the only problem. Legal substances, including alcohol and marijuana, also pose problems within the community.

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Addiction Rehab in Glendale,Alcohol Rehab in Glendale

Statistics of Addiction in Glendale

Los Angeles County leads the state in drug overdose deaths. Addiction statistics for Glendale are primarily incorporated into the statistics for Los Angeles County. Like other city suburbs, Glendale shares many of the same problems with drugs, drug trafficking, and loss of life to drug overdose as Los Angeles. In 2017, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office reported), as many as 422,000 adults over the age of 18 reported misusing prescription drugs. Most cases were adult Latinx males between ages 25 and 29. San Fernando Valley, the part of LA County where Glendale sits, had the lowest rate of prescription drug misuse at 3.9%.

Between 2017 and 2018, the rate of overdose deaths in Los Angeles linked to opioids, in general, continues to rise. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office data indicates there were approximately 500 opioid-related deaths annually between 2016 and 2017. This by the end of 2020 with a total of 1506 for the year. Like many other states and counties across the nation, Los Angeles County struggles with high overdose rates due to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. In 2020, fentanyl-related deaths in the county increased by 979% from 2016 and 143% over 2019 rates.

In the last decade, methamphetamines have become the most commonly seen drug in overdose cases in LA county. According to the coroner’s office, methamphetamine was detected in over 5000 overdose cases between 2013 and 2018. In many cases, the LA County Coroner found meth along with other drugs. However, methamphetamine overdose was listed as the primary cause of death in 45% of all drug overdoses cases in 2019.

Opioids are not the only substance leading to premature death and other problems in Glendale. The Los Angeles County City and Community Health Profile report in 2018 indicated as many as 16% of Glendale residents over age 18 smoke (higher than the LA County average of 13%). The Los Angeles Department of Health reported more than 20% of all adults ages 18-25 met the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder in 2016, and an additional 15% had an alcohol use disorder.

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Addiction Rehab in Glendale,Alcohol Rehab in Glendale

What to Look For in a Glendale, CA
Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol addictions can lead to various potentially dangerous physical and psychological complications. However, there are some instances where it can be even more dangerous to simply quit using “cold turkey.” Suddenly going clean without the help of a professional drug rehab in Glendale, CA, can bring about sudden, sometimes challenging to manage withdrawal symptoms. Addictions to opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines can produce severe withdrawal symptoms, leading to emergency medical complications in an unsupervised setting.

If you or a loved one are ready to seek addiction treatment, finding a treatment facility that meets your specific treatment needs and goals is vital to your recovery. There are many treatment centers in California; however, not all provide the same level of care or treatment model. Addiction is a struggle unique to the individual. Although two people may struggle with an addiction to the same substance, their experiences as they detox and recover from their addiction will be different. For this reason, it is essential to choose a program like Inneractions in Glendale, CA, where your treatment program is focused specifically on your needs as you overcome addiction.

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Addiction Rehab in Glendale,Alcohol Rehab in Glendale

Why Choose Our Alcohol Rehab in Glendale, CA

At Inneractions, we understand each person struggling with addiction is unique, and cookie-cutter treatment models are often ineffective in helping you achieve lasting sobriety. At our drug and alcohol rehab in Glendale, CA, we offer comprehensive, evidence-based treatment based on proven successful treatment models such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Our flexible scheduling approach ensures everyone seeking help to overcome addiction has access to treatment based on their scheduling needs.

The goal of our therapeutic program is to help you learn more about the roots of addiction. During therapy, you will learn more about your addiction and how to address and change the harmful behaviors that have led you to drugs and alcohol. Working with your therapy team, you will have the opportunity to practice new, safe, and healthy coping strategies to use in the event of relapse triggers after treatment.

At Inneractions, we provide regularly scheduled individual, group, and family counseling throughout the week. In addition to these sessions, our team of drug counselors is available online to provide immediate help as needed. When you choose our alcohol and drug rehab in Glendale, CA, you can begin your sobriety journey while remaining immersed in your home and community environments.

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Addiction Rehab in Glendale,Alcohol Rehab in Glendale

Get Help at Our Glendale, CA Drug Rehab

Deciding to seek addiction treatment is the most critical decision you can make for your physical and psychological health. Addiction is a disease that will not go away on its own, but with the help of the team here at Inneractions in Glendale, sobriety and lasting recovery are within reach. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about how our intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs can help you start your journey to a healthier, sober you. Our treatment team has over 30 years of combined addiction treatment experience. Our goal is to ensure everyone seeking help with addiction has access to immediate treatment. Our admissions team is here to help make the process as stress-free and as easy to navigate as possible.

If you or a loved one are ready to put a dependency on drugs or alcohol behind you, contact us today. Your treatment team will work with you to design a treatment plan that addresses your unique treatment needs and goals. Our caring and compassionate therapy providers are here to provide support and guidance at every stage of the recovery process. The path to recovery is not always easy, but with the help and support of the team at Inneractions, sobriety is within reach. Don’t let addiction steal another day. Contact our Glendale alcohol and drug rehab today.

Addiction Rehab in Glendale,Alcohol Rehab in Glendale

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