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Anxiety Treatment Centers
in Los Angeles

Anxiety Treatment,Los angeles,anxiety disorders,anxiety therapist in los angeles

Anxiety Overview

In today’s busy world, many of us run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Stress and anxiety are emotions we are all too familiar with. 

For most of us, anxiety is temporary. Once we are done dealing with the stressful event, we can sit down with a hot cup and tea, meditate and let the worries of the day wash away. 

But for others, getting over anxiety is not so simple. It can come about for no apparent reason. And when it does, it can last for days, weeks, or months at a time. 

When anxiety starts interfering with your quality of life, it’s time to get help. This article will provide options for possible treatments and recommend an anxiety center in Los Angeles that will help you move forward with happier, healthier living. 

Anxiety Treatment,Los angeles,anxiety disorders,anxiety therapist in los angeles

When to Get Help for Anxiety

Anxiety can be so severe that it reduces the quality of life. It can get in the way of basic functioning and cause physical pain. It can increase certain health risks like gastrointestinal issues and heart disease.

It can also cause thoughts of self-harm and suicide. In some cases, it can lead you to drink and do drugs.

Many times, people with mental disorders don’t want to get help for these issues. They may feel like others will think less of them if they admit they have a problem. They may not think their problem is that bad, or they may feel like they don’t have the time and money to deal with it. 

Instead of getting help, they drink or do drugs. While drugs may provide temporary relief, they will ultimately lead the person on a downward spiral and increase feelings of anxiety while bringing their own share of complications. 

If you are experiencing a reduced quality of life, thoughts of self-harm or suicide, or if you are drinking or taking drugs to decrease feelings of anxiety, it’s time to get anxiety help in Los Angeles.  

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Anxiety Treatment,Los angeles,anxiety disorders,anxiety therapist in los angeles

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Anxiety Treatment,Los angeles,anxiety disorders,anxiety therapist in los angeles

Anxiety Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

Many of us are familiar with what it feels like to have anxiety, but an anxiety disorder is something different. Individuals with anxiety will have persistent thoughts of fear and worry that may stem from everyday situations. They may also experience sudden, intense feelings of anxiety that can be characterized as a panic disorder. 

Anxiety disorders typically show up in the teen years. They include the following symptoms:

  • Nervousness and restlessness
  • Feelings of impending danger or doom
  • Increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing 
  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty concentrating due to excessive worrying 
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Trembling
  • Gastrointestinal issues

There are several types of anxiety disorders, including the following:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) which is characterized by persistent worrying, even about everyday situations. People with GAD have difficulty controlling their anxiety, and it can affect their physical health. 
  • Panic Disorder which involves sudden, repeated episodes of intense anxiety. They typically last a few minutes and may cause the person to worry about recurring attacks. A person with a chronic panic attack may avoid situations that trigger them. 
  • Social Anxiety Disorder is triggered by social situations. Individuals with the condition may avoid speaking with others, interfering with school, work, and other basic functions. 
  • Phobias are a fear of a specific thing or event. People with the condition will experience high levels of anxiety or panic attacks when exposed to the source of their phobia.
  • Agoraphobia typically develops after a series of panic attacks. It will cause the person to fear going to places they think may cause feelings of panic, helplessness, embarrassment, or entrapment.

Anxiety Disorder Risk Factors

Here are some risk factors that may contribute to an anxiety disorder:

  • Medical Conditions: Sometimes, a physical medical condition can affect the brain in such a way that it causes symptoms of anxiety. Examples include drug misuse, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic pain, tumors that produce fight or flight hormones, respiratory conditions, thyroid problems, and more. 
  • Trauma: People who experience traumatic episodes are at higher risk of developing anxiety disorder later in life. 
  • Stress Due to Illness: Medical conditions can cause stress in more ways than one. In some situations, a person may become worried about their illness to the point where a disorder develops. 
  • Personality: Some people have personalities that make them prone to anxiety, and eventually, a disorder may occur. 
  • Other Mental Health Disorders: Many times, anxiety develops as part of another disorder. For instance, people with depression or PTSD are often diagnosed with anxiety as well.
  • Close Relatives with Anxiety: People who have close relatives with anxiety are more likely to get the disorder. 
  • Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and alcohol can cause an imbalance in the brain that leads to an anxiety disorder. 

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Anxiety Treatment,Los angeles,anxiety disorders,anxiety therapist in los angeles

What to Expect in an Anxiety Therapist
in Los Angeles

Some people are reluctant to get help because they don’t know what to expect from treatment. This section will explain what treatment is like with an anxiety therapist in Los Angeles. 

First, the therapist will analyze you to come up with a customized treatment they feel will work best. It’s not uncommon for therapists to take a dual diagnosis approach. This treatment approach is commonly used when co-occurring disorders exist. 

Dual diagnosis will treat both conditions simultaneously. It can be helpful for people dealing with anxiety and PTSD, anxiety and depression, or anxiety and substance abuse.

Treatment can include a variety of therapies. Here are some that are commonly integrated:

  • Medication: Medication can help balance chemicals in the body to reduce feelings of anxiety. 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This form of therapy aims to change negative thought patterns and promote more positive behavior. 
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy lets a person know they are not alone. It provides a supportive network that can help with the healing process. 
  • Family Therapy: It’s important to include family in the therapy process. That way, your loved ones will understand what you are going through, and they will be prepared to give you the support you need. 
  • Psychoeducation: Psychoeducation is used to help people understand their condition, so they have the tools for self-management. 
Anxiety Treatment,Los angeles,anxiety disorders,anxiety therapist in los angeles

Inneractions Anxiety Specialists in Los Angeles are Here for You

When you search for ‘anxiety center Los Angeles,’ several options will pop up. But which one is right for you? Inneractions is highly recommended. 

Inneractions specializes in treating patients that have developed a substance abuse disorder while self-medicating for a mental disorder. We offer a variety of outpatient treatments in our private, beautiful San Fernando facility. We will help you overcome your anxiety and dependency issues. 

Patients who check into our facility can choose from a variety of outpatient options. With partial hospitalization, you will be in treatment for 6-8 hours a day, and you will be able to work and be with your family the remainder of the time. Intensive outpatient and outpatient programs require less time in treatment and more time in the ‘real world.’ 

These options will all allow patients to recover without needing to leave their jobs and families. They can work their way down with fewer sessions per week as needed. 

At our rehabilitation center in Burbank, we integrate a dual diagnosis approach to treating both the addiction and its underlying causes. We feel this is the best strategy for long-term recovery. 

The therapies we offer include:

  • CBT aims to change thought patterns to promote positive behavior. 
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a form of CBT that focuses on how people react to specific environments. 
  • Reality Therapy involves training patients to make better life choices. 
  • Psychodynamic Therapy examines the factors behind a patient’s thought processes and behaviors. 

We follow up by assisting patients with checking into our recommended sober living facility. There, they will learn the skills they need to succeed while getting the support they need to make a healthy adjustment to move forward with this next stage of life. 

Anxiety can significantly reduce the quality of life. Don’t let it rob you of your precious moments. Contact Inneractions for anxiety help in Los Angeles today and get on a path for happiness, improved health, and success.