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Recovery Programs

Recovery Programs,drug,treatment

Our 4 Part Approach to Lasting Recovery

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Encino, CA is designed to help addicts (and their families) achieve immediate and lasting change so they can rediscover their passion and joy in life. Our intensive outpatient program is the result of 30+ years of working with addicts and combines individual one-on-one therapy, group therapy, family therapy, drug counseling, and other support services. The therapeutic goal of the program is to address the underlying conditions that trigger compulsive behavior and to empower clients with tools and techniques they can use to manage their emotions.

Clients attend Inneractions for three four week long sessions (minimum 90-day period). Group sessions (three 1 hr sessions per day) are at regularly scheduled times while individual and family sessions (1 hr per week) are booked per the individual client. In addition to group, individual, and family sessions, our professional drug counselors are available on demand throughout the week as needed. Our flexible approach to scheduling and availability allows clients to maintain routines and meet work commitments while in the program.

Psychiatric consultations, medication management, psychological testing, EMDR or other needed therapies provided on-site, by referral, or in conjunction with patient’s normal health care providers.

"We offer unconditional love, compassion, and support while holding each individual accountable for his or her actions. We often refer to Inneractions as a family – one where the staff and clients have likely shared some common experiences and are able to rebuild together from a place of deep understanding."

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Recovery Programs,drug,treatment

Expert One-on-One Therapy

All clients attend weekly individual sessions with a licensed therapist. During these sessions the therapists at our rehab in Encino, CA attempt to uncover the co-conditions and emotions that trigger addictive behavior. Common underlying conditions are anger, depression, anxiety, fear, grief, trauma, shame, guilt, and stress.

Using techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), reality therapy, and psychodynamic therapy we work to disrupt old, unhealthy thought patterns and establish new, healthy perspectives and a fresh outlook on life.


CBT is a short term, goal-oriented treatment. The theory is that thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all connected and by changing patterns of thinking or behavior, it’s possible to change the way a person “feels”.


DBT is a specific form of CBT but emphasizes the psychosocial aspects of treatment, primarily how a person interacts with others in different environments and relationships. Group therapy is an integral part of DBT as it offers a necessary environment to practice the newly learned DBT skills.

Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is an approach that focuses on problem-solving and making better choices in order to achieve specific goals.


Pyschodynamic Therapy is used to examine the psychological forces that underlie the client’s behavior, beliefs, and emotions as a result of early life experiences.

During one-on-one sessions, clients at our drug and alcohol rehab in Woodland Hills will learn techniques to practice at home like: Self-affirmations, assertive communication exercises, self-dialogue exercises, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises, re-framing and thought challenge exercises, somatic experiencing (heal from trauma).

Practicing these exercises is shown in multiple published studies to help increase awareness, insight and promote changes in cognition, behavior and emotion. With practice, CBT/ mindfulness exercises help individuals to begin paying close attention to things like the tone of their voice and the words they use to convey a message. We believe it is essential that clients develop these techniques and skills in order to manage their thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Recovery Programs,drug,treatment


When walking into Inneractions, you are immediately greeted with one of the most influential and dynamic clinical directors in the field, Loree Cohen. She has a vast amount of knowledge and skills working with complex and dynamic issues. Her goal is to help provide people with the tools to create self-sufficiency and healing from the inside out. She exudes love, warmth, and compassion with an innate ability to connect. Substance abuse, recovery, mental health, and trauma can be difficult to walk through. You are not alone when walking through these challenges at Inneractions. They are organized, efficient, and successful at providing individualized care and making each client feel like they are a priority. The staff are exceptionally devoted and trained to facilitate sustainable change in someone’s life. The therapists are absolutely wonderful and extremely passionate about what they do. I highly recommend Inneractions for anyone seeking help in their lives.
Rachel Kove
Inneractions is hands down the best iop in the valley. The staff is handpicked, skilled and dynamic. The clients experience dynamic group therapies as well as weekly or bi weekly individual therapy targeting issues such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem and anger management.
Loree Cohen
This place is simply amazing!!! Inneractions' therapists and counselors genuinely cared about my recovery and well-being. Jess, Rick, and Loree are especially wonderful. Thank you!!!
Tasha Wilson
The group facilitators are knowledgeable and considerate. I’m a difficult person to work with and they still tried. Jess is a great 1-on-1 therapist that works through Inneractions. My favorite facilitators were Shane, Rick, and Bethany. The other group facilitators were great too. Just like anything, one will get out of IOP what they put into it.
Gibson White
Inneractions saved my life, no joke. I love you all so much, thank you for helping me find a way in life again...
George Montoya

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Recovery Programs,drug,treatment

Group Therapy in Los Angeles

The benefit of group interactions is undeniable. The familiar 12 Step Facilitation (TSF) owes its success in large part to the regular group meetings that members attend each week.

At Inneractions our groups provide the same support and feeling of community for our clients. However, our group sessions are quite different than 12 Step meetings in a few ways. First, our groups are facilitated by a trained counselor with extensive experience in addiction treatment. Second, clients receive expert guidance from the counselor during sessions rather than other members of the group. And thirdly, each group session focuses on a specific theme or topic relevant to the recovery process with the specific goal of advancing each members understanding of their own process is that area.

During the program clients will take part in the following groups:

Learn about how our facilitators run group sessions and what each group is about in more detail.
Our program is uniquely flexible and designed to fit around work schedules and family obligations. Group sessions are at set times, 4 times per week, and one-on-one sessions are scheduled per the individual client, once per week. Family sessions with the assigned therapist are once per month.

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Recovery Programs,drug,treatment

Drug Rehab & Counseling
in Encino

Throughout the program, our drug counselors carefully observe the mental and emotional state of each client in order to provide encouragement when needed as well as support during times of crisis. Clients are held accountable through weekly random drug testing.

Drug counselors provide the as-needed, unscheduled, on-demand interactions that many clients need. Often it is our drug counselors who are able to recognize subtle signals that a client may be struggling. Often it’s just an informal intervention from a drug counselor that’s needed in order to help them identify the triggers that create their cravings and weigh the consequences of relapse. When things are going well, it’s our drug counselors that help clients recognize “why” they are in a good emotional state so they can draw their own positive conclusions about their progress in the program. 

Our San Fernando Valley rehab’s drug counselors offer a level of personal experience and perspective that clients often need (and often ask for) in order to feel like their recovery journey is truly understood. It’s about meeting the client where they need to be met with compassion as it relates to their own addiction story and stage in life.

Weekly random 12-panel drug tests allow our counselors to keep clients accountable and safe while in the program. Drug test are analyzed at a lab and will show:

In the case of relapse, counselors help get clients back on track with compassion and understanding. There is no punitive action when a client relapses, in fact we try to avoid the word “relapse”. Instead, we discuss “next steps” and how to get “back on track” with better accountability while reminding the client of their own motivations for joining the program and recovery goals. Slip-ups are handled with unconditional love and support. Detox can also be provided if necessary at our drug rehab in Encino, CA.

Career Counseling

The Inneractions Career Center fulfills the next critical phase in the recovery process by preparing clients for a purposeful future in the world of employment and/or education despite lapsed work histories and criminal records. Our goal is to maximize our clients self-sufficiency through increased confidence, hope, and productivity so they can rediscover their passions in life.

Career Center provides professional-level career counseling, resumé building, educational advisement, networking training, interview skills, and job placement. We utilize tools like StrengthsFinder and Meyers-Briggs in order to uncover hidden talents and identify transferable skills that are valuable to employers. Our intensive process helps ensure that client is in fact ready to work so that the transition is successful and the needs of the employer are met.

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