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Bethany Dwyer, RDAT

Bethany Dwyer, RDAT, Inneractions

Bethany Dwyer, RDAT

Group Facilitator

Bethany Dwyer has been coaching communication skills through comedy to teens and adults in rehab/mental health and trauma centers for over 5 years. Bethany is RDAT certified and incorporates the 12 step program into the program she created called Comedy Heals. 

Bethany is a seasoned stand up comic, transformational speaker and actor for over 13 years. She specializes in helping others find their voice, express their feelings authentically, awareness and trust of self and others, conquering fears of confrontation and public speaking along with communicating clearly in all types of relationships. 

Bethany is extremely passionate about helping others release the pressures of recovery through laughter and creating a safe environment so each person is free to be themselves.