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Co-Occurring Disorders We Treat


Anger in individuals dependent on drugs and/or alcohol or other compulsive behaviors is often the result of overreactions to everyday stressors. Feelings resulting from the false meaning or interpretation given to these events (not from the event itself), trigger an exaggerated reaction.


Many people feel down or fatigued sometimes in their lives, but generally for short periods. When these feelings persist and the grey fog that seems to permeate your brain does not lift, you may be struggling with clinical depression.


Many of you take the painful experiences and situations in your life that cause discomfort and place them away hoping that the old adage out ‘of sight, out of mind’ would work.  Alas, what happens is both emotional and physical.

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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
in California


Fear is felt by most people in varying degrees. When it becomes paralyzing and substances become the method of emotional management, it is time to reach for help.


Although a natural response to loss, grief brings forward emotional suffering connected to losing something or someone of extreme value.


The impact of trauma may cause profound affects on people and the ability to function normally in their lives.  A traumatic experience can create upsetting emotions, feelings of being disconnected from others or self, hyper-vigilance and ongoing intrusive memories.

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Treating Addiction & Mental Health in CA

Shame & Guilt

When we engage in acts or behaviors that violate principles in which we believe, guilt arises like an internal compass telling us we are heading in the wrong direction.

Stress Management

Because stress is part of everyday life, learning the most effective way to deal with it is critical, especially for people who have become dependent upon alcohol, drugs or other compulsive behaviors to help them cope.