Picture a pressure cooker which you continue to fill with unwanted feelings and painful memories. This pressure cooker through the years has slowly built up steam to the point that the steam is causing the pot to rock back and forth on the stove with intense pressure.

This is the birthplace of anxiety. Many of you take the painful experiences and situations in your life that cause discomfort and place them away hoping that the old adtage out of sight/out of mind would work.  Alas, what happens is both emotional and physical.

Tightness of your chest, sweaty palms, heart palpitations, racing thoughts, obessessive thoughts, avoidance of social situations, anticipation of disasterous outcomes based on only your thougts cause you to become debilitated by your anxiety.

The body does not know the diverfernce between a real threat and an imagined threat what I knows is that you are sending information to the brain that it needs to prepare for fight or flight.  The more you rumanmate on the possible horrible outcomes which will befall you in certain siturations, the more your body increases the production of adrenaline and the more your physical body is effected by these physcial changes.

At inneractions, we will not only help you understand the root cause of these fears; but also, help you learn new techniques to manage fear or anticipated situations where you have little control. These feelings will become manageable because you will learn how to work with them, not against them.