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Dating With Depression


Is it impossible to date and find love when you’re suffering from depression? Absolutely not. But it can be a challenge and does require more effort than someone who is not dealing with a mental health struggle. recently addressed this very relevant topic on their website and offered helpful tools for anyone who feels hopeless about their romantic life.


Taking quotes and inspiration from relationship therapists, the site first dug into some of the symptoms people with depression may experience when trying to make a love connection.


“Battling depression can be physically and emotionally taxing, so make sure you’re going at your own pace and being kind with yourself in the process,” expert Lindsey Pratt told the site. “If you struggle with this, you may notice that it prevents you from feeling excitement over special moments. You may also have trouble finding energy to spend time with a new person or that your ability to imagine a happy future with a certain partner feels limited.”


Pratt went on to emphasize that it is perfectly ok to experience these feelings and those who do are certainly not alone. She also added that there will undoubtedly be challenges; but by continuing to put in work, you can slowly overcome them.


“Patience” and “compassion with yourself” are two key points that Pratt mentioned. Patience comes with working at finding a suitable mate. It may take a while and you may encounter bad matches, but it is important to carry on. Compassion refers to pushing away self-doubt if a date or online connection goes bad. This, of course, is not easy to do, but with professional support and continued effort, you can learn not to personalize rejection.


There are also preliminary exercises to take which can help avoid an uncomfortable dating scenario. One suggestion was to schedule a meetup at a time of the day when you feel most positive. Also, choosing an activity and location that brings you joy can help set a relationship up for success.


The article also recommended openness and honesty when it comes to your depression diagnosis. Time it right and don’t be ashamed to mention that you are struggling with a mental health issue.


“You’ll need to determine the best time to discuss your depression with a date,” the site expert went on to say. “Often this conversation happens a month or two into dating. I really like to encourage people to say, ‘You know what? I suffer from a condition that’s pretty common in the population. I have this sadness sometimes about me.’ You don’t even have to use the word depression.”

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