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How Yoga Can Help With Recovery


We’ve talked about many different outlets to help people stay focused on sobriety after battling an addiction. And one that continues to garner positive results is yoga meditation. Not only does it help clear your mind and focus inward, it also has a lot of physical benefits; such as building strength and improving flexibility. And don’t just take our word for it. Across the country, more and more yoga recovery practices are being put into play. One example is happening in Columbus, Ohio and making national headlines.


The Trini Foundation was started by a man who successfully beat an addiction himself. Taylor Hunt was recently featured on website and discussed his yoga facility, which appears to be changing lives within his community. It is worth noting that Ohio is one of the hardest hit states when it comes to America’s opioid crisis, so a relief like this is more than welcomed.


What Hunt did with his foundation, was make an affordable yoga studio that focused on sobriety and methods to keep people clean.


“I became an Ashtanga yoga teacher 10 years ago,” Hunt explained to the site. “I wanted to make sure other people could do the 12 steps and take yoga, do them together, because it can give you a completely different equation. I began believing that I didn’t have to live in this pattern of addiction and relapse that a lot of people in the 12-step program struggle with. But I knew that financially a lot of people in recovery couldn’t afford yoga. So I started the foundation because I wanted to be able to give the addict who might not ever have an opportunity to go to yoga a good excuse to go. It’s a tool to save lives. So we raise money so we can provide scholarships to people who are addicts.”


So far, the Foundation has become a major success. It got the attention of the local Columbus Dispatch and is now working with prison programs to help those struggling behind bars. It’s also built a large social media following and has an active website with blogs and news updates.


We certainly wish Taylor and the Trini Foundation much continued success. And if you happen to be closer to our neck of the woods, we would be happy to get in touch and connect you to sobriety themed workshops across Southern California.