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New Show Brings Attention To Mental Health & Suicide

The fall TV season has officially begun and with it are a slew of new shows, ranging from silly sitcoms to action packed reboots. But in between all of that is a an ABC series that is tackling a very important topic. The new drama A Million Little Things directly touches upon suicide and mental health. It is also going beyond the script to help viewers come to terms with these issues.

The show itself profiles a very real scenario. In it, a man who has everything to live for is suffering from depression in silence. Though his family and close friends don’t realize it, successful businessman Jon Dixon (played by Office Space’s Ron Livingston) is battling demons that he can’t overcome and chooses to take his own life in the first episode. This literally sets the series in motion, as the surrounding characters learn to process and cope with Jon’s abrupt decision.

One of the things we like most about Little Things is the honesty it conveys. Not only in the scenario of Jon Dixon, but also with his inner circle. There are characters in recovery, divorced couples and the honest topic of grief is brought out into the open on a regular basis.

Now as we mentioned above, there are other elements that go outside of the show. One of the big ones involved an important Public Service Announcement that was aired after the pilot episode. In it the cast spoke out about suicide prevention, along with some special guests. You can watch it in its entirety below…

As you may notice, there are some famous faces in that clip as well. Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda and the wife of the late Chester Bennington also appear in the PSA. They, of course, have been directly impacted by suicide and want others to get help before it’s too late.

“The passing of my husband cannot be in vain,” Benningston’s wife Talinda says in the clip. “His passing was a catalyst for opening up dialogue with respect to emotional and mental health. Throughout his life, he saved countless lives with his music and philanthropy. And through his death, he continues to save lives by spotlighting the urgent need for a change in our mental health culture.”

The :30 spot is followed by a website address and 800 number for suicide prevention. We applaud Mike, Talinda and everyone involved in the making of the A Million Little Things. This is an extremely important topic and one that all too often gets buried on primetime TV.

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