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The Benefits of Going to a 90 Day Rehab

The first step to overcoming a drug addiction is admitting that you have a problem, and from there, rehab is available for you. Although all forms and durations of drug abuse treatment have been proven to be highly beneficial, 90-day rehab is the recommended minimum duration from which to attend rehab to achieve a meaningful, long-lasting recovery. 

What Is 90-Day Rehab?

A 90-day drug rehab is a substance abuse rehabilitation program that lasts for the duration of 90 days, or three months. Substance use disorder is a disease characterized by the consumption of harmful substances, despite the negative implications it has on your health, and it causes a chemical alteration in the composition of your brain. Addiction to harmful substances will cause you to have no control over your actions, making recovery difficult, but possible. 

During a 90-day treatment program, it is likely that you may need to undergo a medically assisted detox that requires you to stop taking the drug that you are addicted to under the watchful eye of a medical professional. After you no longer have a physical dependence to the drug, there are many different therapies and programs that you can undergo to help change your mindset, and offer you insight into the ‘why’ behind your addiction. 

Some of the therapies offered at 90-day rehabilitation programs offer education, insight, compassion, and everyday tools to help you process your disorder, and establish healthy, sober lifestyles free from the destruction of addictive behavior. 

What Are the Benefits of Going to a 90-Day Rehab?

The idea that 90 days should be the minimum required duration of time for one seeking recovery from an addiction is due to the time both your body and brain need to heal, and to run a lesser risk of relapse. They say that it takes at least 30 days to form a habit, and that goes for habits that do not have life-threatening implications on the functionality of your brain. 

With 90-day rehab, drug centers are able to take the time to personalize your treatment so that it is effective for you. Undergoing evaluations and seeing a therapist will allow the 90-day center to have insight into your condition and how you heal. Addiction recovery should be individualized based on each client’s specific needs because no two addiction experiences are the same, therefore no two rehabilitation programs should be the same. 

90-day outpatient rehab programs will allow for you to live at home, or in sober living, while you attend treatment during the day. This offers clients more flexibility and an easier transition back into normal life upon the completion of rehab.

Who Should Go to a 90-Day Rehab?

In choosing to attend a 90-day rehabilitation program, you are choosing to help yourself recover from substance use disorder, mental health disorders, or both. If you are someone who is struggling from a serious addiction or mental disorder that is interfering with you going out and living your life, it is encouraged that you look into a 90-day rehab to reset your mind and change the way you live your life. 

Some of the signs that you are experiencing an addiction or mental health problem include not being able to cut down on drinking or using drugs, continuing to drink or do drugs even though it is causing health problems, skipping out on your favorite activities to engage in drinking or drugs, experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using, not attending work or school, then you should consider attending a 90-day rehab. 

Reach Out to the Team at Inneractions Today

90-day rehabs offer you the ability to focus solely on your recovery without much distraction from the outside world. The 90 days will also offer you the time you require to master some of the skills of recovery that you can take with you for the remainder of your life. A 90-day rehab program also offers you the chance to recognize and change poor habits. Inneractions is a 90-day intensive outpatient rehab for those suffering from addiction and their families to recover in a discreet and professional setting. Come visit our facility in Woodland Hills, CA to recover today.