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Tips on Getting a Job After Rehab

Part of the rehabilitation process after undergoing recovery is transitioning back into your everyday life. Rehab programs typically last for a couple of months. Once you are reaching the end of your stay, you should start preparing to re-enter the real world, and thus begin preparing to re-enter the workforce. Getting a job is an essential next step following rehab, and there are plenty of aftercare programs that help with the process.

Why It’s Important To Get a Job After Rehab

Before entering rehab, it is typically a time where you are struggling with an addiction that prevents you from earning a living or carrying out tasks that are essential to work. Whether or not you had a job before rehab is not important. What is important is that following rehab, it is important to occupy your time with things that allow you to make positive contributions to society.

One of the best ways to keep yourself occupied, out of trouble, and away from temptation is by going to work. Some of the main reasons why it is important to find a job after rehab are as follows.

Sense of Purpose

Most people, whether struggling from addiction or not, seek purpose and meaning out of life. Having a job allows you to feel like you have a sense of purpose and feel like you are making an impact and accomplishing tasks. Work can be difficult, but it can also be extremely fulfilling.


Along with keeping you busy, jobs also offer you a daily routine. Whether it be getting up at a certain time in the morning, taking a mode of transportation, or getting lunch at a certain time, having a schedule and a routine can provide you with a healthy sense of structure for you day-to-day life.

Connect with People

Although your coworkers may not be your best friends, interacting with people everyday is an added layer of support that you might need throughout your day. 

Financial Benefits

There is a sense of responsibility that comes with a job, and that responsibility comes with an income. Making your own money can allow for you to live your life more freely and not have to rely on anyone else for you to be able to buy groceries or enjoy yourself. Having a set of finances that are your own is an incredibly freeing feeling.

Tips on Getting a Job After Rehab

Many people who exit rehab have the same task of going out and finding work. Diving into the job market can feel intimidating at first, however there are many tips and programs that help with advising people on getting work post-rehab. 

Getting a job after rehab requires having clear and reasonable expectations, along with patience and drive. There are millions of Americans who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, attend rehab, and go into the workforce. So many people have gone on to lead successful lives and prosperous careers after rehab. It is important to not let recovery get in the way of your professional goals and aspirations in life.

Another tip would be to turn to resources. This can be anything to self-help books, YouTube videos, reading articles, reaching out to your peers to seek advice for someone in your position, and working with recruiters to help you find jobs that you are interested in. 

Chances are, recruiters or people you know either know of resources to share with you that might help, or have been in a similar position and can offer their guidance as you start on your job search.

Another helpful tip is to not get scared off by rejection. Rejection is extremely common when applying to jobs, and it is important to not take it personally if you don’t get the job you wanted. If you don’t get the job, simply pick your head up, and try again elsewhere. Always ask for feedback as to why you weren’t chosen for the position, and use that feedback for your next interview. 

How Inneractions Helps You Get a Job After Rehab

Inneractions is an intensive outpatient rehab facility located in Woodland Hills, CA. As one of our aftercare programs, we offer our patients career counseling as they prepare to re-enter their everyday lives. We find that work is an essential element of living your life more freely and purposefully, and we therefore place a heavy emphasis on getting our patients back into the workforce. Please visit Inneractions today for more information on our amazing career counseling program.