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Seven Symptoms Of Social Anxiety

  Anxiety can rear its head in many ways. One common trait happens when people are put into social situations. It is actually quite common to feel uncomfortable and uneasy within large groups (especially as we become more and more isolated through technology). But truth be told, this can turn into a very severe issue and (to their credit) The Philly Voice addressed it on the front of their website, along with diagnosable symptoms to look out for.   Sympton #1: Withdrawing From Social Events Sure it’s common to skip a party if you’re feeling tired or preoccupied. But if it starts happening more and more without a valid excuse, that may be something to look into. Most often, social anxiety sufferers will choose to decline invitations because of uncomfortableness or the fear of being singled out.   Sympton #2: Fear Of Meeting New People Staying in your “comfort zone” of friends can actually be a symptom of social anxiety. If you shy away from new coworkers or purposely avoid opportunities to make friends, this could be a warning sign.   Symptom #3: Oversensitivity To Criticism Of course no one likes to be criticized. But if this feeling begins to be crippling, take note. Social anxiety sufferers have a very difficult time receiving negative feedback and thus, go out of their way to avoid taking risks.   Symptom #4: Low Self-Esteem People who stay isolated often suffer from low self-esteem. One of the fears of attending events or mixers is that you will be judged and/or scrutinized. If these types of feelings are preventing you from going out, know that it is a common social anxiety occurrence.   Symptom #5: The “Shy” Label Now we all know there is nothing wrong with being shy or reserved, but if you have a hard time communicating with others that may go beyond that common label. If you have been described this way, do a deeper self-evaluation and see if your withdrawn nature may be a bit too extreme.   Symptom #6: Physical Symptoms Did you know that social anxiety can manifest itself physically? People suffering from this often experience heart palpitations, excessive sweating, dry throat and trembling. Worst of all, you could be putting your health at risk if these symptoms are continually ignored.   Symptom #7: Fear Of Being Judged Probably one of the biggest symptoms of social anxiety, the fear of judgment can create real mental health issues. Those suffering from this tend to be hypercritical of themselves, leading to depression and even suicidal tendencies.   Obviously, there are many levels of social anxiety. But if you find yourself saying “yes” to a majority of these symptoms, then you may want to seek professional help. We at inneractions are always available to talk this through, if you feel you need to reach out.  

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